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Environmental Awareness Actions in the Frame of the World Environment Day 2013

Ship For World Youth Greece Alumni Association participated in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, the City of Athens authorities and the General Secretariat of Youth, in the environmental awareness campaign actions, organized in the frame of the World Environment Day 2013 on Sunday, June 9th from 18:00 to 21:30 at different points of Syntagma Square (the main square of Athens) and experienced a special evening with:

- Environmental games
- Planting seeds workshop
- Paper recycling workshop
- Home composting workshop
- Vegetable garden
- Origami workshop
- Inflatable recycling park
- Interactive recycling games

More photos can be found here!

A hidden Treasure game was also organized - in order to better acquaint the participants with the city and the urban environment. Athens Municipal Philharmonic Orchestra provided a music program while the Athletic Association of Thrakomakedon "Olympiada" performed a choreographed gymnastics show in the sounds of the "recycling song".
The day concluded with the screening of the documentary film HOME on a giant screen in Syntagma Square at 21:30.

All actions were carried out with the invaluable help of Athens University, the Scouts of Greece, Environmental and cyclist Association of Kallithea, as well as the Association of Followers Athens 2004 Volunteers.

Representatives of the Ministry for the Environment, the Mayor of Athens, the General Secretary of Youth and the Cultural Attachée of the Japanese Embassy in Athens Mrs Mashiko Emi honored us with their presence.

SWY-Greece would like to thank our members that gave their best self during the organization of the event.

More photos can be found here!



Buying Local Handicrafts Will Help Support Tsunami Victims in Japan

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SWY RADIO is on Air!

International project launched by SWYAA Greece aiming at the creation of a web based radio - 24 hours operational - that will help in the communication between SWY members, disseminate project information and cover recreational purposes.

Facebook - Twitter

SWYWORLD.net is now available in Facebook and Twitter...!

SWYAA Oman Day

On the 31 of July 2012 SWYAA Oman held their annual event Oman SWYAA day. This event is been held for 3 years consequently. In this day Omani Swyers who are usually busy with life and work all try their best to spare one whole day from their life to enable them self to do as much events as possible of swy activities. Therefore, all Omani swyers agreed to have this day once in a year to do these activities and to gather and have great time together with all swyers from different cities. Due to prior organization of the event its usually have a very nice number of participates from different batches that enable them to meet the new swyers and get to know them very well. However, SWYAA Oman day is usually held in the Holy month of Ramadan were all Muslims around the world fasting. SWYers in Muscat are aware of the difficulties some Muslim foreigners have who can’t afford to get a proper meals after a long day fasting.

Earth Hour @ Kypseli, Athens, Greece


This was an environmental project to raise awareness regarding the electricity consumption globally implemented in Kypseli neighborhood of Athens, Greece.

Kypseli neighborhood used to be one of the most prestigious areas of Athens in the mid 60s. After the 70s-80s many big buildings replaced the old buildings of the neighborhood making Kypseli area in the early 90s the 2nd most populated area in the planet. Lately the area has been blighted for many reasons. “I Love Kypseli” is an initiative started by the Café-Restaurant owners of the area and supported by many local groups and organizations. A small group of people are deeply involved in this initiative by promoting through websites and social media every attempt towards the aims.

One of their ideas to promote this initiative and in the same time to raise awareness for environmental issues to the citizens of their neighborhood was to celebrate the Earth Hour by making an event in one of the most central places of the area. The plan was to built with colored glasses and candles the logo “60” for the 60’ minutes of the Earth Hour and the “heart” of the “I Love Kypseli” heart. People mainly kids formed the logo and when the lights went out they lighted in the same time more than 300 candles. During this hour hundreds of people came by and lighted a candle for this purpose. Kids got to learn about the Earth Hour by playing some games while lighting the candles and elders accepted warmly this initiative trying to re-boost the neighborhood.

More information and data about this project and generally this initiative you will find, unfortunately only in Greek, in the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ilovekypseli.

Please watch the timelapse video of this project, here
Please watch the full video of this project, here
Read the entire blog entry, here

This project ran mainly by three people, one of them was a member of the SWYAAGreece.

Speak Your Mind

Speak Your Mind is a cross format publication working on communications to aid advocacy. They have been focused on environmental issues where they communicate the crisis whilst advocating the solutions.

The project was started by Linh Do (SWY22, Australia) in the year following her participation on the Ship for World Youth.

Last year in Durban, South Africa the team was represented by individuals from four continents. Whilst there, Speak Your Mind worked to cover the negotiations with stories attracting over 5,000 readers and publication from The Age (Australia) to the Spiegel (Germany). The project also trains young journalists in teaching them the skills required for specialist reporting.

Speak Your Mind has recently been nominated for Earth Hour’s Blog of the Year. To help them win, please click on the following link and vote for the 6th option. If you could spread it through social media, you’ll also have the team’s appreciation forever!

For more information or to get involved in anyway, please email them at sym@changeandswitch.org

Link: http://bit.ly/SYMEHVote (6th option)

Tupendane International

Tupendane International is to support an informal school called "Eve's Day Junior School" in Dandora slum, Nairobi, Kenya. The group is officially established in 2012 and now consists of three representatives respectively from Kenya and Japan. We all are cooperating and trying to make the school environment better, respecting the best choices for the children. Our aim is to change the society by supporting the school, believing "Dreams from the slum change the world".

Supporting the “Medicins Du Monde”.

AA Greece has participated in the “Civil Athens” Action that targeted in gathering and disseminating food, toys and clothes to the poor people in Athens (both Greeks and immigrants) for the sake of the “Medecins du Monde”.

The action took place in Syntagma Square in Athens on Saturday 28th January. The members of our association promoted the action to their close friends and relatives, gathered and delivered goods to the organizers.

Mongol Mutiny

A series 3 Land Rover is being driven on a 10,000 mile overland journey to Ulaanbataar, the capital of Mongolia by team Mongol Mutiny, who set off on the 23rd July 2011. The Mongol Rally they are participating in is organised by the Adventurists and was whimsically conceived of following an ultimately aborted attempt by the founders in 2001 to reach Mongolia in a Fiat 126. The first rally took place in 2004 and six teams took part, with four finishing. This year over 300 teams will participate, each creating their own route, and travelling unsupported in vehicles considered unsuitable for the purpose, or worthy of donation. Fundamental to the spirit of the rally is the abandonment of meticulous planning, excessive safety nets, and of the sterile world of travel the organisers see springing up around them. The granny-mobiles that teams are encouraged to use are auctioned at the end of the rally and the money raised is donated to charity. The vehicles worthy of donation- as their Land Rover is- are given to local charities.


Volunteerism in Athens 2011 Special Olympics Summer Games

The Athens 2011 Special Olympics World Games, is an international sporting competition for athletes with intellectual disabilities. Succeeding the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, the Special Olympics World Games including both summer and winter versions are held every four years. Special Olympics in 2011 took place at the capital of Greece, Athens.

Our alumni association addressed a global call to all ex participants of the SWY program and their friends to register as volunteers for the series of events. Individuals that responded to the call had the chance to embrace the friendly Homestay atmosphere in Athens as five members of the association offered their living space for the short period of 11 days, from 25/6 to 4/7.

Origami - Workshop

SWYAA members attended a tribute to traditional Japanese art of origami (paper folding) and followed a workshop by Ms. Sonoko Fujii, origami master on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 in the Embassy of Japan in Athens.

Sending Positive Energy... from Greek Scouts

Greek Scouts - kids and adults - along with Greek and Japanese SWY graduates have joined forces and spread their positive attitude by sending a message of optimism in these difficult days experienced by the Japanese people.


Akaigawa - Aomori Visit

Since my first participation in SWY program in 2006, I had the opportunity to visit Japan numerous times but it was only till my last trip in February 2011, that I had the chance to interact with 14-17 year old students, becoming a teacher even for a while in their own classrooms! On February 18th I was honored to hold a session in Akaigawa’s Junior High School (Hokkaido) and on February 28th in Aomori’s High School.

In one hour sessions I presented to the students my country, Greece, its culture and heritage with some historic facts through lecture and discussion, followed by a Q & A session where I have to admit, I was surprised by the questions the students posed to me. The ambiance and the energy in the classroom were great and the students’ thoughts and speculations still puzzle my mind. Thank you IYEO for such incomparable experience! We are always open for future collaborations!

Messages of Solidarity from Children from Eve Day Care

The above are some words of solidarity from children from eve day care- the Tupendane project, - this was a way for them to show their love to the children of Japan.

Gathering SWY power for Earthquake in Japan

このグループは2011年3月11日に起きた宮城を中心とした日本の大規模震災に対しSWYのネットワークを通じて支援を行うことを目的に作りました。 このグループへの投稿は主に以下3つの内容です。
また、このグループでは緊急支援のみではなく、長期的な情報共有、支援ネットワーク利用を目的としています。 義援金集めやボランティア呼びかけ等も行っていきます。 私たちのできること、みんなでできることを確実に。
SWY familyで力を合わせて乗り越えましょう。 We can do it together."

The purpose of this group is to form a network to support victims of the massive earthquake and tsunami attack on March 11, 2011, centered around Miyagi prefecture. There are three main areas of activities we would like you to think about and post to this group.

Provide microfinance as a way for people to develop their standard of living

by SWY23 members (Dan Ednie, Sam Taylor, Hiroki Futamata, Elwin Taloimatakwa, Yuri Yamada, Kajia Godfrey, Jimmy Reade)

for full Project info click here

1. Ex-PYs who are looking for loans can apply to a small team which has formed from SWY23 and we can assess loan requests and send funds in an initially informal way. The interest rate would be as low as possible, and any profits would go towards building the pool of funds that can be loaned out. If there becomes a large demand then we would need to fomalise the process in one country and do all of the registrations. But that would only be after we'd had some success and the idea was starting to become bigger.

Alcohol prevention for the youth under 25yrs by SWY20 members



Sober Tanzania is a member based organization dedicated to young people advancement especially on empowering them socially, economically and healthily by providing them with several skills, knowledge and techniques on combating alcohol and drug abuse so as to live peaceful in the community. Thus, we largely appreciate the efforts been taken by IOGT –NTO movement to provide Sober financial support for fighting against alcohol consumption. This support enabled sober to implement the prevention of alcohol abuse project in five branches namely; Dodoma, Iringa, Tabata, Kisarawe and Songa, each branch is serving 4 wards.

Better World Youth Program (BYP) by Yumiko Shinya

Better World Youth Program (BYP) (Cameroon)

I am currently involved in a project called Better World Youth Program (BYP) in Cameroon. This is a project to nurture a New Breed of Youth who can demonstrate leadership skills in various fields of sustainable living.

Participating youths are from other Youth Exchange programs, independent volunteers and development professionals live and work together with youth from Cameroon in a community garden called Ndanifor Community Garden Project (NCGP) situated in the outskirts of Yaoundé, capital city of Cameroon. They exchange ideas and experiences on global environmental issues and visit the extraordinary rich and diverse cultural groups of the country.

SYM: Speak Your Mind by Linh Do

Speak Your Mind (SYM) is a new media hybrid, which aims to promote the discussion of an issue using various media. Expert collaborators, field activists, bloggers and ordinary people are connected in civic journalism. SYM isn’t about the people- its about the discussion.
Speak Your Mind is a project of Change&Switch currently supported by the British Council’s Global Changemakers and Future Leaders Australia.


"Ekataa" - "Oneness" by Chaitanya Datla

"The objective of Ekataa is to provide every human being on earth an opportunity to forget and transcend all the ‘labels’ we acquire during our lifetime based on various kinds of conditionings that reflect our cultural, religious, ethnic, linguistic, social, gender, age differences and to unite in the simple recognition of our shared identity as human beings for the first 11 minutes of 1.1.11."

Please refer to http://www.ekataa.net for more details on the project.

Social Assistance Activity: Ronny Yantalema by SWYAA Ecuador

In 2008, our Alumni Association started our first social assistance project. The project was originally going to collect funds for the School of the Blind in Guayaquil.

Read more for SWYAA Ecuador Fundraising events at the 4th Global Assembly in Cairo, October 2010.

"Ikaw-ak" by Tomoko Ogura

The project I am involved in is called “Ikaw-ak”, an environmental NGO in the Philippines. I took one year away from the university, and stayed in the Philippines as a volunteer staff of that NGO until September 2010. This is not a project I started, but I was deeply involved in it. In the middle of this volunteer term, I had a holiday, and participated in SWY. After my SWY experience, the way I tackled this project changed. So, here I write about my experience.

Mumayaz by Ahlam Oun

YAHOO ! I am so excited! :D

Ladies and Gentlemen ... Introducing ...

a new project .. a new movement to inspire youth ..
Mumayaz an arabic word which has the meaning of (Unique, Special and someone who is outstanding) ..
The mission would be to conduct volunteer training programs and mentorship sessions to youth and ask them to take the knowledge and skills they have and initiate practical projects to develop society and their peers and we would facilitate and follow up their work for any help they need …

SWYAA to cut our carbon emissions by 10% in 2010

SWY 350 (Go Green) is the name of a coming environmental initiative by the Ship for the World Youth Alumni Association in Yemen (SWYAA) in October 10th 2010.

The initiative will start distributing environmental bags with instructions on them to be used instead of the plastic bags that have start to negatively impact soil and trees. The activity will take the first step in Sana’a Trade Center (STC) which is also known as Libyan Center on Sunday 10th from 10- 12pm.

Support Kenya Project Phase Ⅲ ~Tupendane~

NEW WEBSITE - Japanese only!


It was a Kenyan youth named Okwiri who opened our eyes for Africa.
It was in Dubai that we talked about his situation and he trusted in us for the first time.
It was our best friends from SWY22 that decided to dedicate themselves to the “Tupendane” project.

SWY BOOK PROJECT by Natsumi Mori

About the “Book Project”

I am working on a multilingual translation project for my picture book called “Hajimari no Tabi, Kikkake no Hon (始まりの旅・きっかけの本)” with help of ex-PYs from SWY22 around the world. Currently the book was translated from the original Japanese to English, thanks to JPYs and Australian ex-PYs from SWY22, put into a digital web-book format so that you can view them.

Japanese English

You can also download the PDF.

Peace Cafe by SWY GREECE AA

Peace-Café hit the road to Athens!

Peace-Café was one of the “voluntary activities” organised during the SWY22. Initiated by Taro Yasuhi, a 24 year-old JPY, whose grandmother is a victim of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki, Peace-Café aims to develop and enforce the concept of peace at personal, inter-personal and societal levels through dialogue, discussion, workshops, role-plays and the use of multi-media as a stimulant for the activities.



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